Our patent-pending design is built from the ground up to be the most powerful, compact, portable, and easy to use plunge device.

Featuring AnyTub™ technology, COOLCUBE™ can be used with ANY tub or container of water.

3500 watts of cooling power chills a tub from 80°F to 55°F in under an hour.

Cools as low as 34°F and heats up to 104°F.

Our innovative patent-pending mixing nozzle creates strong circulation maintaining maximum effectiveness in the smallest package possible.

Ships This Fall.



Plunge Anywhere with AnyTub™ Technology

Our Patent-Pending design turns any existing tub or container of water into a cold plunge.


The fastest chilling cold plunge on the market - 3500 watts. Chills a tub from 80°F to 55°F in under an hour. Lowest temperature of 34°F.


1200 watts of heating allows precise control of the set temperature. Highest temperature of 104°F.


The patent-pending mixing nozzle creates strong circulation at every point in the tub. This circulation removes the insulating thermal layer that develops in poorly circulating water maximizing effectiveness of the plunge.


Weighing under 50 pounds, smaller than a carry-on suitcase, and usable with AnyTub™, COOLCUBE™ is truly portable for traveling athletes.

Ease of Use

Our custom electronics and controls create an extremely intuitive, high-visibility user interface and experience.


COOLCUBE™ ships with a 5 year warranty covering all parts and materials.

Tech Specs


Works with any standard US 110VAC 15A outlet.


Chassis and exterior cover are made from aluminum and steel. All water components are anti-microbial or National Science Foundation Food-Grade Safe.

Weight and Dimensions

45 pounds. Prototype Unit measures 18"x14"x14". Production Units will be smaller, approximately 16"x12"x12".

  • Water Inlet Temperature
  • Water Inlet Pressure
  • Water Outlet Pressure
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Ambient Lighting